Community Development & Public Works

Welcome to the Community Development Department.

The Community Development & Public Works department provides essential services related to Public Works, Planning and Zoning, Building, Code Compliance, and Residential Rental Property Registration.

Public Works maintains the city’s infrastructure from our parks, stormwater drainage system, and street signs, and performs minor street repairs.  If you want to report an issue with a city infrastructure, please contact us at 210.957.3545 or email

Animal Control serves the citizens and animals within the city limits of Balcones Heights and provides animal control by enforcement of our Animal Ordinances and State Law; as well as provide care for the animals which are brought into the city Animal Shelter. For Animal Control services please call: 210.957.3185.

Planning and Zoning works with Community Development to advise the City Council on zoning amendments, the platting and re-platting of property, site plan applications, and special use permits.  The Commission recommends actions that align with the city’s master, strategic and community plans.  The Community Development Department maintains the zoning map for the city of Balcones Heights.

Building accepts construction applications for both commercial and residential and certificate of occupancies application.  Our office conducts plan reviews, issues construction permits and certificates of occupancies, and schedules inspections.
Submit commercial/residential permit applications, review status of permits and inspections, and schedule inspections online with the BUILDING WEB PORTAL 

Code Compliance addresses nuisance and property standards violations to provide a safe and healthy environment for the community.  These violations include high weeds and grass, trash and debris, fences, off street vehicle and trailer parking, signs, zoning violations, illegal dumping, and illegal home occupations.  The primary goal of this enforcement is to resolve violations that affect the quality of life and sustain property values.  Through community outreach, education, and enforcement Balcones Heights works together to maintain a beautiful city.  If you want to report an issue, please contact the Code Compliance Officer at 210.957.3546 or email You may submit you concern online through the CODE WEB PORTAL

The Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspection Program preserves and improves rental properties.  The goal of the Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspection Program is to preserve and improve rental properties in the City.  Ordinance 2020-14 was adopted in response to the need for an organized inspection program for new and aging residential rental units.  Taking a proactive approach for addressing aging housing stock assists the property owners in meeting city and state safety, health, fire, and zoning codes and provides a more efficient system for compelling both absentee and local landlords to correct violations and to maintain, in proper condition, rental property within the city.  The Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspection Program will provide for an effective and efficient system of communication with property owners, managers, and residents to identify and formulate plans to correct deficiencies.


Animal Control Board of Adjustments & Appeals
Building Code Compliance
Planning & Zoning Zoning Map (pdf) & GIS Map Link
Code of Ordinances
Residential Rental Property Registration & Inspection Program
City Plan 2040:  Re-envisioning the Master Plan