Residential Rental Property Registration & Inspection Program

The City of Balcones Heights desires a safe and healthy place for all our citizens to reside. 

The goal of the Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspection Program is to preserve and improve rental properties in the City.  Ordinance No. 2020-14 was adopted on September 28, 2020, in response to the need for an organized inspection program for new and aging residential rental units.  Taking a proactive approach for addressing aging housing stock assists the property owners in meeting city and state safety, health, fire and zoning codes and provides a more efficient system for compelling both absentee and local landlords to correct violations and to maintain, in proper condition, rental property within the city.  The Residential Rental Property Registration and Inspection Program will provide for an effective and efficient system of communication with property owners, managers and residents to identify and formulate plans to correct deficiencies.

Landlords and tenants are encouraged to understand and abide by ordinance regulations and laws within the City of Balcones Heights.  Tenants should also know their rights and responsibilities in maintaining the property and home which they live in and keeping their neighborhood a safe and attractive place to live.

The documents below contain all of the information needed to complete the City’s registration and inspection process. 

Welcome and thank you for doing your part to keep the City of Balcones Heights a secure and positive atmosphere for all our residents.

Questions?  Contact Janet Thelen, Director of Community Development, 210-957-3545, or

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