Building and Code Web Portals

Building Web Portal. Applicants can apply for a commercial, residential, trade, and fire permit through the building web portal. In addition to these permits, an applicant can apply for a certificate of occupancy and a special events permit. Once a permit has been issued, the applicant can review the status of their permits and schedule inspections.

Code Web Portal. The City of Balcones Heights has launched a new quick and convenient way for citizens to report suspected code compliance issues. Citizens can now submit their concerns through the Code Compliance Web Portal,

Examples of typical code compliance issues:

     *Grass over 12 inches tall
     *Accumulation of lumber, junk, debris, garbage, decaying vegetation, or tree branches
     *Abandoned, discarded or unused objects such as appliances, equipment, furniture
     *Empty and discarded cans and containers
     *Inoperable motor vehicles, car parts
     *Structurally unsound fences

Working together, we can keep Balcones Heights a beautiful place to live.