Vision, Mission, & Core Values

Vision Statement

In 2029, Balcones Heights is a premier destination community and has become a dynamic urban center.  As a major regional crossroad, the City provides exceptional life, work, and recreational experiences.   This is achieved through a prosperous economy, quality housing choices, a thriving business corridor, well-maintained infrastructure, and excellent municipal services.

Mission Statement

Balcones Heights is a community working together to provide a safe and hospitable environment through quality services.

Core Values

  • Commitment. We are committed to transforming our City. We are committed to providing essential core services to residents and businesses.
  • Responsive. We are eager to serve in a timely, respectful and professional manner.
  • Inclusive. We make all decisions with respect to the diverse community we serve.
  • Collaborative. We collaborate with the community, business leaders and developers to achieve transformation.
  • Accountability. We conduct business with openness, integrity, and transparency.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive land use plan
  • Action Steps:
  • 1. Update City codes (housing and zoning)
  • 2. Develop a comprehensive parks master plan
  • Enhance public safety
  • Grow revenue streams
  • Improve City infrastructure
  • Expand the City beautification process
  • Promote our community

Long-Term Initiatives

  • Provide more amenites for the community
  • Clarify boundaries with municipalities that are contiguously located with Balcones Heights
  • Determine how staff can become more efficient.  Support must be creative.
  • Conduct demographic assessment

Adopted August 30, 2019

The City's previous Strategic Plan, adopted July 25, 2016, can be viewed here.

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