Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez is a dedicated and experienced leader who has called Balcones Heights home since 1986. Alongside his wife and their three wonderful adult children, Johnny has been deeply invested in our community, striving to make it a better place for all residents.

Professional Experience:
Johnny’s professional journey is marked by a commitment to public service and community safety. He began his career in law enforcement, graduating from the San Antonio College Regional Law Enforcement Academy. He then served as a Municipal Peace Officer and Constable, demonstrating his dedication to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of his fellow citizens.

Johnny’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a highly respected investigations company. Through his business endeavors, Johnny has contributed significantly to the economic development of Balcones Heights, generating sales tax revenue, and fostering growth in the community. 

Governmental and Public Service Experience:
Johnny's extensive governmental and public service experience spans over four decades. He has served as a Legislative Aide in the Texas House of Representatives 66th Legislature and played a pivotal role in city governance as a Balcones Heights City Councilman and the city's first Hispanic Mayor. He is also a graduate of the Texas A&M Economic Development Program and during his tenure, Johnny helped spearhead initiatives with his city council members that led to the establishment of key community institutions such as the Jazz Festival and the anchor of major establishments like Super Target, Texan Heart Hospital (now Methodist Hospital Texsan), and Gold’s Gym. He also brokered the first HBO pay-per-view championship press conference held at our local Dave and Buster’s attracting national media network coverage. 

Johnny's commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible governance is evident in his former role as a Director of the Edwards Aquifer Authority in Bexar County District 7. Furthermore, his leadership extends to a 14-year tenure as Executive Director for the Association of Hispanic Municipal Officials, a Texas Municipal League Affiliate where he advocated for the interests of municipalities across Texas.

Vision for Balcones Heights:
As Mayor of Balcones Heights, Johnny Rodriguez envisions a city that thrives economically while maintaining its unique character and sense of community. He is dedicated to fostering collaboration, promoting public safety, and ensuring that every resident has a voice in shaping the future of Balcones Heights.

Mayoral Duties

The Mayor is the presiding officer of Council and is recognized as head of the city government for all legislative and ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of military or martial law. During council meetings, the Mayor only votes when necessary to break a tie.

Mayors of the City of Balcones Heights

  1. Johnny A. Rodriguez, 2024-
  2. Suzanne de Leon, 2008-2024
  3. James B. Craven, 2002-2008
  4. Johnny A. Rodriguez, Jr., 2000-2002
  5. Lucille M. Wohlfarth, 1992-2000
  6. Emil E. Deike, 1986-1992
  7. Kirk K. Colyer, 1982-1986
  8. Daniel Webster, 1964-1982
  9. J.C. Frazier, 1960-1964
  10. Vernon V. LaBauve, 1958-1960
  11. Franklin S. Gaskins, 1954-1958
  12. Carl Kiefer, 1951-1954
  13. Clyde C. Crews, 1949-1951