The Balcones Heights Police Department is composed of the following positions:

  • 19 Sworn full time officers
  • 2 lieutenants (Patrol/Investigations)
  • 1 sergeant investigator
  • 5 Corporals (3 on patrol……. 2 in CID)
  • 3 patrol sergeants
  • 6 Patrol Officers
  • 4 reserve officers
  • 1 contract warrant officer
  • 2 Sworn part-time officers (1 fleet manager and 1 court bailiff)
  • 5 Full- time dispatchers, one of which is the dispatch supervisor
  • 4 Part-time dispatchers to fill in where/as needed
CID Unit:

Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division supplement the efforts of the Patrol Division by ensuring that follow-ups of criminal offenses are conducted. These offenses may include but are not limited to: homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, assaults, sexual assaults, robbery, elderly or child abuse, property crimes, and narcotics violations.  Investigators are also tasked with the retention, maintenance, and dissemination of criminal evidence.

Organizational Chart
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Police John Jahanara Police Chief
Police Kenneth Ortiz Lieutenant, CID Commander
Police Theodore Herrera Lieutenant, Patrol Commander
Police Stanford Smith Sergeant, CID Investigator
Police Matthew Moncivais Corporal, CID Investigator
Police Christopher Aguirre Corporal, CID Investigator