Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets monthly, as needed, on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.

Agenda & Minutes


  • Identifying community needs and to advise the City Council of the short and long-range implications for the total development of the city.
  • Recommend achievable community goals as a basis for long-range planning and development programs.
  • Recommend plans, programs, and policies that will aid the entire community in achieving its defined goals.
  • Interpret the adopted plans and programs to concerned citizens so that private activities and desires may be accomplished in harmony with public need and policies.
  • Advise the City Council on implementation of various development plans and review and make recommendations on zoning amendments for compliance with these development plans. 
  • Review and make recommendations on the Platting or Re-platting of property.
  • Review and make recommendations on Site Plan Applications consistent with the standards of the city’s development plans and the existing zoning for the property.
  • Review and make recommendations on requests for Special Use Permit Applications.
  • Provide recommendations on Zoning Amendments Applications to the City Council.
  • Undertake other duties as authorized by the City Council, the city code, and the laws of the State of Texas.

A person seeking approval of a plat or replat shall file with the Planning and Zoning Commission. Article III in city’s code of ordinances outlines the specifications for a plat.

Development Plans

The city created the following development plans to foster the type of community that residents and stakeholders want to enjoy in the future.

These development plans assist the Planning and Zoning Commission make informed recommendations to the City Council.

Zoning Maps

The city maintains the following Zoning Maps to assist developers and prospective business owners wishing to pursue business opportunities in the City of Balcones Heights.

If a person wishes to verify the zoning district for a specific property, a written request or email to shall be submitted. Once the person pays the fee associated with a zoning verification, the city shall provide a letter with the current zoning district.

Membership and appointment

The Planning and Zoning Commission is composed of five qualified electors of the city and appointed by the City Council. Two alternate members may also be appointed by the City Council to serve when one or more regular members are absent. Alternate members will have all rights and privileges when serving in the place of a regular member who is absent. The City Council will consider for appointment to the Commission persons who have demonstrated their civic interest, general knowledge of the community, independent judgment, interest in planning and zoning, and availability to prepare for and attend meetings. It is the intent of the City Council that members shall, by reason of diversity of their individual occupations, constitute a commission which is broadly representative of the community.

Terms of office

Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission appointed for two (2) year terms and are identified by place numbers one through five. The odd numbered places expire on June 30 in odd-numbered years; the even-numbered places expire on June 30 in the even-numbered years. Newly appointed members shall be installed at the first regular Commission meeting after their appointment.


George Monsive Chair June 2025
Rudy Flores Vice-Chair June 2025
Vacant Appointment 2 June 2024
Vacant Appointment 4 June 2024
Charles Winkler Appointment 5 June 2025
Eduardo “Eddie” Garcia Alternate June 2024
Richard C. Adam Alternate June 2025

If you are interested in serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, please complete a Board and Commission Application.
For more information, please contact the Community Development Director – 210.957.3545 or email

Master Plan


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