Economic Development Corporation

The City of Balcones Heights created its Economic Development Corporation (Type B) by City Council Resolution 2021-01It’s first and primary charge was the purchase of an ownership stake (47.5%) in the largest commercial property in the City, Wonderland of the Americas.

The EDC Board of Directors are typically nominated by current board members and/or staff and are appointed by City Council.  The EDC Board numbers seven (7) and employes staggered 2-year terms of office. Officers include a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Current board members include 5 local business leaders, and two Balcones Heights City Council members.   The Board Secretary position is filled by the City Secretary, and the Board Treasurer is the City’s Finance Director. 

 EDC By-Laws  

Certificate of Formation   

In August 2022, the EDC Board of Directors adopted the following as its mission statement:

“Our mission is to provide guidance to the City Council and City Management staff in promoting, assessing, and sustaining economic development.”  

The articles of the EDC partnership agreement with Crossroads Mall, LTD establishes the EDC as a Limited Class C Partner in the entirety of Wonderland of the Americas.  However, the EDC is afforded several special rights not typically provided a “limited partner.” “The EDC Board has approval rights regarding leases of more than 5,000 square feet, as well as unbudgeted expenses exceeding $10,000.

EDC Board meetings are typically convened on the second Thursday of each month, 3:00 p.m., at the Balcones Heights Justice Center, 3300 Hillcrest, 78201.


Balcones Heights EDC news coverage.

Contact BH EDC Executive Director: Lorenzo Nastasi



Lorenzo Nastasi Executive Director  
Ken Raymie Chair June 2025
Gloria Cantu Vice-Chair June 2025
Matt Arnett Director June 2024
Daniel P. Martinez Director June 2024
Madeline Slay Director June 2024
Esther Kwon Director June 2024
Suzanne de Leon Ex-Officio Director June 2025

















City Council Meeting
Monday, September 25; 6:00 PM Meeting is open to the Public
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