Warrants & Failure to Appear


Arrest warrants issued out of the Balcones Heights Municipal Court are addressed to any peace officer of the State of Texas. With active arrest warrants, you may be arrested at any time at your home, your place of business, or while operating a motor vehicle.

The court will issue a warrant:

  • You violated your promise to appear on your citation
  • You failed to comply with the orders of the court
  • You did not complete a payment plan or failed to make payments as directed
  • You failed to appear on a summons, bond or to appear

Failure to dispose of your citation in a timely manner will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. When a warrant is issued, the fine is set to the maximum allowed by law, an additional $50.00 warrant fee is added, and an additional $15.00 OmniBase fee is added to suspend or deny issuance of your driver’s license. Also, a 30% increase will be assessed per case once the citations have been in active warrant status for a period of around two months from the warrant issue date.

The DPS hold and warrant status will not be lifted until the full balance is paid on each case.

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