Payments of Fines & Costs


Payment of Fine and Costs

Payment of a fine constitutes a plea of no contest and waiver of jury trial and will result in a conviction for the offense charged. For that reason, until a plea has been entered or a judgment rendered, only the defendant or their attorney may present payment to the court.


Alternative Options to Full Payment of Fines and Court Costs

Individuals convicted of an offense and who are unable to pay the fine and court costs should bring this matter to the attention of the Judge. The Court may assess the individual’s ability to pay and the Court may provide alternatives to full payment in satisfying the judgment.


Payment Methods

  • By Mail - Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Personal Check
  • In Person – Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, or Credit/Debit Card
  • Online - **NOTICE** This is NOT for Redlight Camera Tickets



The City of Balcones Heights contracts with a law firm for the collection of outstanding fines, therefore the total amount owed is subject to differ between DPS and the Municipal Court.


Partial Schedule of Fines

Municipal Court Fee Schedule.

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