Financial Reports


Financial Audit

At the end of each fescal year, an annual audit of the books, accounts, financial records, and transactions is conducted by an independent auditor selected by the City Council. Once completed, the auditor releases its findings and an Annual Comprehensive Report is presented to City Council. 

The City of Balcones Heights Finance Department was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Finacial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports for fiscal year 2021-2022. The certificate is the highest form of recognition in the area of fovernmental accountin and financial reporting. 


Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Balcones Heights 2021-2022 ACFR

Balcones Heights 2020-2021 ACFR

Balcones Heights 2019-2020 CAFR

Balcones Heights 2019-2020 Governance Letter








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