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Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Plan   
  (Documents listed may be found using the drop down menu below and are available for viewing and copying at the Justice Center, 3300 Hillcrest Dr., 78201)

     *Storm Sewer Management Plan: Notice of Intent, Storm Water Management Plan, general permit and fact sheet.  
     *Environmental Public Education: Help reduce stormwater pollution. Copies of Car Maintenance; Dumping Trash, Furniture, Landscaping; Household Hazardous Waste and Pet Waste.   
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Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)8 documents

  • Notice of Application
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  • Storm Water Management Plan with Notice of Intent
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  • MS4 General Permit TXR040000
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  • Fact Sheet & Executive Directors Preliminary Decision
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Environmental Public Education4 documents

  • 2023 04 25 Car Maintenance.pdf
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  • 2023 04 25 Dumping Trash, Furniture, Landscaping.pdf
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  • 2023 04 25 Household Hazardous Waste.pdf
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  • 2023 04 25 Pet Waste.pdf
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