Request for Proposal - Balcones Heights Justice Center Roof Replacement


The City of Balcones Heights is requesting proposals for the roof replacement at the Balcones Heights Justice Center located at 3300 Hillcrest Drive, Balcones Heights, TX  78201

Proposals to be sent to the office of:


                                                John Jahanara

                                                Chief of Police

                                                City of Balcones Heights

                                                3300 Hillcrest Drive

                                                Balcones Heights, Texas  78201


No later than February 3, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. whereupon the proposals will be opened, evaluated and recommendation made to the City Council at a regular meeting.


You may download copies of the RFP HERE

Justice Center Roof Plan




Contact Chief of Police John Jahanara (210) 957-3151 or email:       


City Council Meeting
Monday, September 25; 6:00 PM Meeting is open to the Public
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