Citizen's Fire Academy

Have you ever wondered what being a firefighter is all about? Why is a fire engine sent with an 
ambulance on a medical call? How much does all that firefighter gear weigh?


Residents have an opportunity to find out answers to these questions and many more during the 1st annual Balcones 
Heights Fire Department’s Citizens Fire Academy (CFA).

The CFA is a 10-week program designed to educate citizens of Balcones Heights about their fire 
department. The CFA gives Fire Department personnel the chance to welcome residents into the fire 
department family and introduce them to the various ways the department serves the community.

Applications are being accepted now for the Fall 2022 Citizens Fire Academy. The CFA is open to 
anyone 18 years of age or older who resides in Balcones Heights . The program will be held from 
6:30-8:30 pm each from August 5,11,17,23,29-Sept 16,22,28-Oct 4,10 plus one optional Saturday class 
that includes CPR training. The Citizens Fire Academy is free of charge and all equipment is 
provided for participants to use during the class. Classes are held at the City’s Fire Station and 

Topics and activities featured during the Citizens Fire Academy include: Topics and activities 
featured during the Citizens Fire Academy include:


  • • History of the Balcones Heights Fire Department
  • • Fire Investigations
  • • Engine Operations
  • • Fire Communications
  • • Fire Prevention
  • • Emergency Medical Services/Stop the bleed
  • • Hands-on experience using a fire extinguisher and a fire hose
  • • Using the Jaws of Life to free someone who is trapped in a vehicle
  • • Using a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • • Putting on Fire Gear
  • • And much more!

Applications are being accepted; contact Balcones Heights Fire Department at (210) 957-3140.

For more information: 

FF/EMT-P Rosas
Lt/EMT-B Gloria

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