Road Re-Construction Leisure and Gentleman Rd.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 7:00pm

Weather delays road construction




One year ago, the second phase of the Leisure reconstruction project was completed between the drainage channel and Gentleman Rd. The project included, new sewer main, water main, sidewalks, driveways in the right-of-way. It was unfortunate, but CPS Energy was unable to provide funding for their gas main replacement. Soon after the project was completed, a gas valve in this section of the street had to be replaced, which required a street cut into our newly reconstructed street.

Balcones Heights Right-of-Way Management Ordinance requires that a private contractor or utility provider to perform certain types of repairs to a street cut(s) based on the rating of the street. Of course, this street was rated 100. This particular rating requires complete pavement reconstruction, curb to curb and block to block.

Because of our great partnership with CPS Energy and our Right-of-Way Management Ordinance, they determined that it was necessary to replace their gas main prior to reconstructing the pavement.

Residents on this one-block section of street will be inconvenienced a couple of days to allow for new pavement reconstruction.

Weather permitting, Allbrite Construction will begin the mill and overlay project. Below is the proposed schedule.  Due to weather and predicted thunderstorms for the next 10 days, the contractor is backing up the Leisure II project one week.  Weather permitting the following will begin:

Mill road, haul off waste, clean up.

Tack; overlay in two passes.

Crosswalk will be restriped.