Road Construction - Minimum inconvenience

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 2:30pm

Repair schedule for Gentleman Road



Leisure Phase II reconstruction project between the drainage channel and Gentleman Road was completed last year.

The project consisted of new sidewalks, curb gutters, new water main service and sewer service; but no new gas service. Soon thereafter, CPS Energy discovered a gas valve leak in the street at their main. In order the repair the leak, it was unfortunate that CPS Energy was required to cut into our newly paved street. Back in December 2015, your City Council adopted a Right-of-Way (ROW) Management Ordinance that outlines the regulations for contractors to repair city streets and sidewalks due to construction repairs.

All the streets have been surveyed and graded with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI). Based on the PCI of a street will determine the extent the contractor will be required to repair the right-of-way. Leisure Phase II of course has a PCI of 100 since it was newly reconstructed. The ROW ordinance requires block to block and curb to curb pavement reconstruction.

CPS Energy will comply with this ordinance. CPS has begun the process to reconstruct and will fund this project 100%, to including installing a new gas main.

The contractor for utility work is MasTec North America.

The construction schedule (subject to minor changes) is as follows:

Work hours Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm.

June 5th & 6th - potholing and placing metal plates over each hole in the street

June 7th – 15th – Excavate the road to install new gas main.

June 18th – 29th – Tie in each service to the main.

Place temporary patch over excavate areas.

During this time, there should be little to no inconvenience. Driveways should not be blocked, however if it is necessary, MasTec will accommodate you when needed.

Once MasTec has completed the utility installation, CPS Energy will have the pavement contractor come in and replace the new pavement. The City will keep you posted when we have this schedule.

For questions please contact Community Development Director Rita Hoyl -